Saturday, September 28, 2019

Update on the Impeachment scandal

OK, so here.

As I see it, so far, we have the accusation that President Trump tried to do something to the Ukrainian president that the Ukrainian president says he didn't do.

And we have accusations that there was a cover up to hide this fact.

We don't know what President Trump did exactly in that call that should warrant impeachment.  We have accusations of his motives, and his intentions, and those look pretty bad.  But we don't really have 'Here is Law X that he broke.'

As for the cover up, we don't even know for sure there was one.  If there was, I would think we need some evidence that President Trump was the one who ordered it in order to convict President Trump.

As I've said over the last three years throughout the myriad stories insisting there was proof Trump needs impeached: if there is proof he did something impeachable, then impeach him.  Otherwise, being someone who didn't give liberals want they want is not a good enough reason to impeach him.  Nor is being a really bad person. 

Right now, there could be enough to look into it.  Hey, investigations are almost 24/7 now, why not have another one?

But as of now, there doesn't look like enough, by my meager understanding, to impeach him for anything other than the high crime of winning the 2016 election and not giving the Left what it wants.  After all, the entire essence of the Left is promising everyone they can have whatever they want, and then tearing down any part of reality that results in bad consequences of everyone trying to get everything they want.

In fact, the Left's growing disdain for antiquated notions like forgiveness, due process, burden of proof and presumption of innocence (not to mention the growing number of young'uns who identity with the Left who are tired of such racist notions as truth, tolerance, math, the Constitution, freedom of speech and religious liberty), I'm pretty sure that at his worst so far, President Trump is the last thing we really need to worry about.

Unless, of course, actual proof can be produced that demonstrates otherwise.

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