Thursday, September 19, 2019

Remember when Christians were told that converting people from other religions was evil?

Yeah, so do I.  I remember it well, because it was one of the Uber-issues when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, and even into the 90s.  Almost every other movie, at least one episode in a television show, and not a few pundits, journalists, professors and most moderate and liberal Christians made it clear that evangelizing other people, pushing your religion onto others, and getting them to convert to your own religion was like saying they were wrong - and that's EVIL!

Well, in #89057889437593879 of cases where the modern Left is what old post-war liberalism said was evil, we have the religion of atheism boasting on helping pastors renounce the faith and join in with the belief of atheism.  They're quite proud, too.  In short, they're doing what Christian evangelists and missionaries used to do back in the day.  Actually, they're doing what they themselves said was evil and wrong when religious people (esp. Christians) did it.  They are proselytizing believers into the faith of atheism.

Of course like most things, we should see now that liberalism was a scam.  It was never true then.  Asd I told a Jewish friend once - who echoed the idea that telling people their religion is wrong is bad - the idea that a religion telling other religions they are wrong is bad is essentially telling that religion it is wrong. Which, if I'm following you, is bad. That led to a pretty intense discussion let me tell you.

Same with freedom of speech except that which offends feminism, or never imposing your values on others, except where homosexuality is concerned.  The list is endless, including being upset that people wouldn't support pop star Madonna using a microphone like a sex toy on national television since that's censorship now insisting we need to have the government step in and censor offensive ideas and speech.

Nope, liberalism was a hot lie. And a disastrous one.  It has reinvigorated old racism and bigotry for new people groups, convinced people tyranny and oppression will be good because it will only be those people over there who get it in the neck, and is pushing the boundaries of the genocidal attitudes of the last century, not to mention the carnage of the sexual revolution and destruction of the Christian West at the hands of other societies almost itching to step in and take over. 

And yet Pope Francis insists that trying to proselytize people to Christianity is a bad thing, and joins most Christians today who believe the same thing.  Dumb.  Either that or cowards who are going to go along with whatever to stay in the good graces of the majority currents.  That's the only way you can insist that following the dictates of the modern left is the only way to live out the Christian life as it should be.  If not, then it's time we reclaim so much of what of the Gospel of Christ has been lost over the last several generations.

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