Saturday, September 28, 2019

Young Greta Thunberg demonstrates the post-forgiveness Left

I don't want to wade to strongly into the Greta is god movement being pushed by the Left.  It is what it is.  Global Warming is like most things today, a servant of the emergent Left, a new secular paganism that promises the world to me, and assures me that the upcoming gulags and gas chambers will only be for thee. 

As I wrote here, young Ms. Thunberg, daughter of two well to do celebrities, is out pushing for policies and changes that will likely hurt a great many people other than those who live like young Ms. Thunberg and her parents.  That's about par for the course.  After all, we live in a world that proudly says 36 million dead from AIDS is a small price to pay for a better sex life for me.

The interesting thing is how she, like so many of the Parkland gun activists, flaunt such antiquated notions as forgiveness, humility and love.  Forgiveness?  Where does that stand today?  Sex crimes, racism, failing to get in line behind gun control movements, and now failing to do something about Global Warming?  These are the sins Jesus can't forgive, so no sense forgiving them ourselves.

Of course most of the world rejects Jesus and the Gospel.  It shouldn't be surprising that one of the highest distinctives of the Christian Gospel - the mandate of forgiveness - would be so quick to go.  Forgiveness has never been a universal principle.  Now it is something being openly dismissed.

Like Truth, or Good and Evil, or even Math, Forgiveness may well go the way of other things deemed evil constructs of white racist European colonial civilization.  And given the number of Christians who seem fine with Ms. Thunberg with no qualifiers, as well as the other unforgivable sins being piled upon each other,  it's not hard to think forgiveness is something we will see far less of in the years to come.  And like the millions of dead from AIDS, we may well wear it as a badge of heroism that jettisoned such a useless and counterproductive notions as forgiveness in order to make this a better world for me to live in. 

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