Thursday, September 26, 2019

An updated thought on the Ukraine whistle blower scandal

OK, so I have no new news.  I have no clue what is going on.  This thing has changed more in tone and direction than a ping pong ball in a ping pong match.

But here's a hunch.  I think Trump is in trouble.  His 'screw the machine, I'm going rogue' approach may have finally caught up to him.  The reason I think this is because many who typically rally to his defense aren't.  Even some hardcore Trump supporters I know or keep up with are strangely silent.

After the transcript of the phone call was released, many pounced on it since it didn't seem to suggest that Trump had done what the initial media frenzy suggested.  It didn't help that Adam Schiff was out saying Trump admitted he threatened Ukraine if it didn't manufacture evidence against Biden.  Trump said no such thing, and neither did anyone else.

By this morning, even the morning CBS anchors were saying they were confused.  Either it was the scandal of the century or nothing to see. 

But now, I'm seeing more and more come forward and say something seriously went down.  Those who are Trump's most fanatical followers are, at least as of this post, strangely quiet. 

To me, it looks like Trump may have gone too far, unless there is some big hunk of missing evidence, or the accusations turn out - as they admittedly have many times - to be bunk.  At their face value, with what is being said about Trump's actions and the cover up, we have a problem.

Of course we have had problems, and this is the latest development.  We are dealing with a Cold Civil War between those on the Left on one side, who want to burn the Christian Faith, the Christian West and the American Experiment to ashes and rebuild it all in a pseudo-Marxist, Leninist, Socialist dream of a one world, secular order based on material priorities and secular ideals.  They are running the who in our educational institutions, colleges, most of the entertainment and arts community, the press and a sizable portion of our government (not to mention a growing number of religious traditions).  It's also worth noting that the majority of government workers tend to implicitly support this since the GOP and Conservatives have wisely made reducing the government (and hence, laying off or terminating thousands of those same government workers) a major party platform.

So it isn't surprising to notice that we've had serious stories about government workers using their positions to undercut the election or president they don't like.  It's also not surprising that the various institutions like the press have done very little to focus on such infractions.  It is also not surprising that someone like Donald Trump would then see this as validation for his paranoia, and move forward with the notion that since everyone is against him, all bets are off, and he has to fight the civil war alone with any weapons possible.   If it benefits him personally, all the better.

The other side of this Cold Civil War is the ever shrinking group that thinks Christian Western Civilization and America's heritage were great gifts to the long, sad history of humanity.  While there are certainly many evils and sins from these, there are none that are not common in some form or another to the rest of the world.  Therefore, they tend to take a forgive and forget view, learn from the past, but let bygones be bygones approach to the sins and evils of the past. They focus on the fact that we have changed, generally for the positive, and that is more than enough reason to preserve the civilization that brought us here.

They also, however, feel the changes has gone too far, and we are now drifting from the roots and foundations of the civilization at hand.  They believe that there is no reason to think there are other cultures that will rush in to fill the happy void of democracy, liberty, dignity of the human person, equality and freedom that the Christian West brought to the world.  And they are increasingly worried as more and more of our cultural institutions push to all but abolish the foundations of the West, and more and more those who once called themselves conservative join the call to go post-Western and even post-Christian.

They are the ones, by and large, that have stayed with Trump.  Even now, I'm sure they can point out why Trump would do such a thing, assuming the best spin possible.  I just notice they aren't. 

Just a quick ramble and observation, take it for what it's worth.


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    1. Right now I have no idea what to think. One minute the headlines: proof Trump broke law, must be impeached', and the next minute it's 'well, here is why he should be impeached, there is ample evidence to suggest...' Meanwhile, even John Kasich, from what I hear, has said this isn't enough to impeach. And that's saying something. And yet reports say other Republicans are jumping on the impeachment bandwagon. So it seems to be changing on an hour by hour basis. Clearly the Left, the Dems and the Press (but I repeat myself) are begging that this leads to Trump's impeachment. I'm not sure about the GOP as a whole. The Never Trumpers are on board, and yet, even now, most of Trump's biggest supporters (most, not all) continue to be rather silent.


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