Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Greta Thunburg and the new fortunate sons

Blessed are the poor...
It ain't me, it ain't me.  I ain't no millionaire's son, no.
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, no
Creedence Clearwater Revival 

What was a fortunate son?  That was the name given to those wealthy young men back during the Vietnam era whose wealth and privilege helped them dodge the draft.  That left the bulk of soldiers slugging it through the rice fields coming from America's lower classes.  Or at least that was how the concept was presented to me when I was growing up.

So Ms. Thunburg is a young 16 year old who has become an international rock star.  She recently sailed in a specially fitted yacht that was solar paneled and had nothing else in it for the crew, like kitchens, bathrooms and the like.  She already made the news before, being a very vocal advocate leading school children to strike for climate change action.  From there, she has been praised by world leaders, celebrities, millionaire activists, and even met the pope.

I know little about her.  Stories said her parents are both successful entertainers in Sweden, but I don't know what that means.  Is a successful opera singer and actor in Sweden on the same level of success and wealth as the same in America?  No clue.  Though given the speed with which they travel and their availability to fly to link up with her suggests they're not hurting.

And that brings us to the problem.  This Daily Wire piece goes into the obvious fact that the whole yacht sailing thing was more symbolic than anything.  Much time, money and carbon went into it, as it will the subsequent travel and follow up expenses.  Naturally, those who criticize her will be attacked on personal levels and accused of sexism and any other label the Left can come up with.   It's the Left, and by now we shouldn't expect better.

But here's the thing.  However successful her family is, I'll wager they don't qualify as poor.  Probably not middle class, at least from the few domestic pictures I found.  And that's what Climate Change has become.  An alarm bell sounded by very wealthy individuals demanding solutions that will likely hurt a great many people other than those wealthy individuals sounding the alarm bell.

The extra regulations and costs will be passed down to the blue collar worker, the lower middle class, and the working class. Those on the bottom rungs of the world will see what they can afford sliced and diced, and likely will experience hardships in the industries targeted by the regulations meant to save the world.  Those industries will chug along, keeping their profits, and serving their leaders who will rub shoulders with the millionaire activists untouched by the same heroic solutions to climate change they demand.  And those activists will continue on in their limos, their private jets, their yachts, and their mansions that will chew up more carbon in a week than many lower class neighborhoods will in a month.

FWIW, I don't typically go after youngsters who are out fighting for a cause.  I might support them if I agree with their cause, but usually follow the Thumper rule if I don't because, well, they're kids.  I went after David Hogg and the Parkland radicals because of their collective 'F-You, we hope you die if you get in our way to save the world' attitude, and the subsequent praise and free passes they've received from the leftist state as a result.

In young Ms. Thunburg's case, her middle finger to President Trump was a sign of disrespect that took away the shield in my opinion.  If people are going to flip the bird to those who aren't in the peanut gallery, then they open themselves up for scrutiny, even if as young as sixteen.

Nonetheless, I wonder just who will be the fortunate sons in the great war against climate change.  My guess is that they will be the ones born to wealthy parents, given passes into Ivy League schools, and apprenticeships into the halls of power.  They will devote small portions of their abundant wealth and privilege to causes meant to save the world, but whose solutions will only bring harm to the riff-raff, the lower class, the blue collar worker, and of course, the struggling minority.  Consider that when they insist it is the very world at stake if we don't take extreme actions immediately.  Ask just what those saying this are planning to sacrifice.  And what sacrifice those with no say will be expected to make.

Oh, and to show it's not some grudge I bear young activists, here is a story that really does deserve praise and attention.  A young boy hits the pavement and rolls up his sleeves and hands out bags of blessings - as he calls them - to the homeless.  It's a few pennies of thought, and will not end the problem of poverty or save the planet. But it's just the sort of widow's mite that God loves. Because he's out their sacrificing, not on yachts from the piles in his bank account, but by being on the street, in the trenches, with the people he helps face to face.

Nor is it that I reject the idea that our overemphasis on STEM has brought harm to many things in the world including, but not limited to, the environment.   But right now those wealthy activists,  celebrities and even well paid scientists are insisting radical measures must be taken, even if it harms the lower classes.  When I see them act like things are that desperate, and they're willing to do anything to save their lives, including flying coach, taking public transportation and even selling their mansions and penthouses, then I'll think the actual threat matches their demands for others.


  1. Really appreciated this entry, which I found after searching for "criticism of Greta Thornburg," whose trajectory has irked me in a way I couldn't fully articulate. Funny, I also happen to be a Catholic convert. I am also so glad to see someone else pointing out that "our overemphasis on STEM has brought harm to many things in the world including, but not limited to, the environment." I have been saying for a long time now that applied science and technology have BROUGHT us to the brink, not science-denial.

    1. Yep, I have no problem believing that our obsession with STEM to the exclusion of other disciplines has had a detrimental impact on a variety of things, including the environment. What I can't help but notice is that most of those sounding the alarm bells the loudest stand to lose the least by the solutions they're advocating. Unfortunately, I don't know that the Faith in general, or the Church in particular, has done a good job avoiding getting pulled along with where the World is going.

  2. Enjoyed reading your editorial on Greta. thank you for putting the truth out there.

    1. Thanks. It's not hard to notice. MMGW has become the pet issue of the world's elites and wealthy as they push government to enact measures that will surely hurt the poor and blue color worker so they can continue in their jets, yachts and limousines.

  3. Slap that little brat on the backside and send her to bed with no cookies wake-up America there everywhere

    1. Perhaps it's the parents and adults who are clearly exploiting her for their own agendas who need sent to bed. If you think on it.

    2. How dare you castigated the rest of the world on right and wrong you little precious brat when your whole background of bequeathers with finances are the same ilk your play tantrum acting about !
      Talk about carbon foot print with all the villas castles jets Rolls Royces yachts and other material possessions these globalist schmucks own !
      If I had a paddle I'd apply some heat to your little play acting globalist seat and believe me little Gretta I'd paddle you so hard your mommy and daddy feel it !

    3. Again, she represents the worst of the modern 'proxy martyrdom' that is all the rage: there is no end to the millions we are prepared to let suffer for our righteous cause so we don't have to. Global Warming plays into this like a gem.


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