Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Left's Twitter lynch mob and Tim Tebow

So the big debate is over whether or not to pay college athletes.  True, it's a big business, as is college in general, and the main concern is money, money, money.  But many feel there are still some values in sports and college that don't have to do with getting the all glorious dollar bill for me, myself and I.

Naturally, Tim Tebow - considered by some to be one of the greatest college football players of all time - is against this idea of paying athletes.  And as can be expected, he feels it is due to the many ways sports can build you as a person and that college benefits you that could be lost if it's all about getting a paycheck.

So just as naturally, the witch hunting lynch mob of the Left descended on him en masse and accused him of being a racist.  What?  Nobody is saying only black athletes ... but wait.  We live in one of the most stupid and unhinged eras in human history.  It took the most educated generation of all time to achieve this goal.  What is actually true and factual is hardly the point. One need only read the rants and ramblings of someone like Mark Shea to realize we have long left the world of Truth, and rest instead on rage, being offended, more rage, insults and accusations, followed by rage and unhinged rants as the way to deal with almost anything.

Some, of course, threw in other insults, like Tebow being a professed virgin, or that he, I don't know, gives money to help poor and homeless people and children?  I'm not sure anything matters or anything counts.  We've raised a generation that makes the Hitler Youth seem balanced and restrained by comparison.  There is no need for logic or truth or facts, there is only rage and being triggered.  It's goal is the destruction of Christianity, the Christian West and the American Experiment.  That is all you need.  God help us.

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