Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fighting to reclaim the family

So a suit has been filed against the constitutionality of No Fault Divorce.  In the annals of history, NFD will go down as one of the sledgehammers that crushed the Christian West and brought forth the misery and suffering we are witnessing.  

Sadly, Christians went along with the trend, and by the time I was in ministry, most had conceded that marriage is about good sex and focusing on what I can get out of it as a first priority.  After all, Oprah Winfrey said so, and Dr. Phil agreed, so it must be true.

In fairness, by the time I left ministry to enter the Catholic Church in 2005, there was some grumbling in the Protestant world that we had dropped the ball where divorce is concerned.  Given the overwhelming evidence demonstrating the problems that divorce imposes on children and, hence, society, perhaps Christians were too quick to accept it as just the natural development of an ever evolving enlightenment. 

Gay marriage activists are quick to point out the divorce rates among traditional marriage.  What they fail to grasp is that it was the Church that fought against divorce, and turned out to be correct in doing so.  It's just that by the time it was fighting divorce, it had already conceded so much of an atheist universe with material problems and material solutions.  Except you shouldn't be divorced.

It didn't work.  Whether this lawsuit will work I don't know.  But we had best start walking it backward and trying to find out when the Church went off the rails with the world.  It wasn't when we threw in the towel on no fault divorce.  It wasn't when we conceded that sex should be whatever two consenting adults want.  It wasn't even when we said women should put their interests first and build the family around it later.  Somewhere before all that, the Church was bedazzled by the railroads and medicines and bridges and  factories and concluded that's where the answers are.  As we're watching it collapse, it might be time to admit where we were wrong, and remind the world of where Christianity was so right. 

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