Sunday, June 23, 2013

When selfishness is the greatest value

A society is in trouble.  This little piece, courtesy of the always revealing Huffington Post, contains one overarching theme: I alone matter.  It just assumes what's good for me should be the only thing I care about. The rest of the universe? Well, that's a distant last when it comes to my priorities.  A society can't exist like that forever.  Already we're starting to see the first rivets popping and seams tearing.  And I fear once we crash, it's going to be a crash the likes of which the world has never seen.

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  1. Not even the "value" but "the only choice".

    I mean, consider if it was Aztecs and the head priest was like "Ok everyone, we need a few dozen sacrifices to ensure a good harvest next year." Would you really blame anyone (or call them selfish?) if they didn't volunteer for that?

    I mean, yeah family is about sacrifice, but like that list pointed out, you could get your children taken away. So it's really... sacrifice without the family. And that's just sickening.


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