Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Farewell our pre-teen son

Hello our third teenager! And so another chapter comes to a close as our third boy gets ready to leap into the teen years tomorrow.  In keeping with the new found tradition started as soon as we had a camera worth using, we took a few pics on the eve of this momentous day.  Festivities to start tomorrow, but alas, I could not get work off, so they will just be a tease for the main day Saturday.  With a very, very and I mean very sweet and caring boss, I was able to get half day off, even though it puts us under the minimum for the team.  So it will be Saturday that things really get going.   I'll get by to look at the blog and throw some ideas out when I can.  But for now, sigh.  One more boy heading to manhood.  Thankfully, he retains an innate flare for the exuberant inner child that brings out the kid in all of us.  Hopefully, he'll never lose it.

Caught off guard, maybe it's me, but my first thought was 'The Wonder Years'?

As often as not, his charms get him out of trouble that others would have been buried under.

So much the kid, he's actually lamenting getting older, a little extra dose of Peter Pan in him .

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