Saturday, June 29, 2013

Modern atheists

Are the closest thing to an out of body experience I get these days.  So the modern atheists have gathered and courageously erected their own version of a religious monument in Florida.  Eh. Snooze.  Of course the whole emphasis on fighting to put up the Ten Commandments is a backlash against the growing secularist tendency to yearn for a more Soviet understanding of the First Amendment.  A land which indoctrinates secularism while banishing all unworthy religious belief to the ghettos and the catacombs.  Missing that fact, deliberately or otherwise, our intrepid atheists then risk the gauntlet of a sympathetic and misty eyed media to stand in the land of unrivaled religious bigotry, intolerance, persecution and, well, maybe not.  On most atheists blogs we're one step above Auschwitz.  But we all know better.  Common sense tells us.  Something that so much modern secularism appears to shun.

BTW, you get bonus points for skimming through the comments and seeing how many come out of the closet and say it's high time we admit all religious people are evil, stupid scum, and we get over this laughable notion that religion should be allowed anywhere but behind closed doors in home or parish.


  1. If I may repost my comment from Ed Trimnell:

    I've never quite got this. You'll see them say things like:

    So... what's the monument going to be for?

    In fact, let's take that last one... What's the last sentence say?

    "I can't gather around and talk about how much everybody in the room doesn't believe in God."

    Hmm... maybe they need better doctrine coordination.

  2. Those are the statements that blow your mind. The reason is simple. As Tyson says, there isn't a word for people who don't play golf. But there would be a word for people who reject the idea that golf ever existed. There may not be a word for people who think Elvis is dead. But there would also be a word for people who take it a step further and say Elvis never existed, and was simply a vast entertainment conspiracy concocted to bilk gullible teens out of their hard earned money. That's what atheists seem to have a hard time getting their heads around. The assumption of all human culture is that there is something beyond what we can touch and feel. They alone say otherwise. Hence the name. People who think Elvis is still alive might seem kookie, but imagine someone saying he never lived.


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