Monday, June 10, 2013

Update on prayer request

He had some tests, but so far they've come up negative.  Which is good.  They don’t know yet for sure what’s happened, though they’re pretty confident ruling out anything life threatening, or that word which nobody likes to hear.  Still, I’d prefer to know what has happened, and right now we’re in a wait and see mode.  If things get better, and the symptoms fade away over the next week or two, things should be OK as long as there is no repeat of the symptoms after a month or more.  If there is, then it’s back to the tests, going to the next level.  So we’re hoping that the symptoms continue to diminish, and that after about another two or three weeks they’re gone.  If it happens  that way, it will be the best sign that nothing was wrong, and it might just have been an injury.  We’ll keep folks up to date, please continue the prayers during this time. Thanks for the continued prayers, emails and messages.  It's meant much.

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