Saturday, June 29, 2013

Strike one against the growing shadow of tyranny

This was so bad - (how bad was it?) - that the ACLU got on the side of a Catholic student speaking out against homosexual normality.  I mean, wow.  That's like losing Walter Cronkite.  I mean, the teacher who organized the discussion, encouraged kids to argue for or against homosexuality, then banished a Catholic kid who argued against homosexuality because of his views, actually thought he was the hero.

I'm never surprised when people do stupid, awful or even evil things.  Sin.  It's what we do.  But when society is so off kilter that they think they're going to be the heroes, that's when I take notice.  Yes, I'm sure there are some even now weeping for the grave injustice.  Others, like the Friendly Atheist, seemed to have dropped the whole thing, the only mention being one in which the guest blogger admitted the teacher 'handled the situation poorly'. Of course the teen is described by the adult atheist blogger as a typical homophobic bigot who's apparently unable to think for himself and was just vomiting the bigotry he'd been taught his whole life (because liberalism is all about respecting diverse opinions and different beliefs; those rotten kids).  But they admit back in December, 2011 that there could be a chance that the homophobic student might have a case.

In this day and age, when places like the fanatical Friendly Atheist, or the ACLU, don't take up your cause in attacking non-gay supporting, non-liberals, you've lost.  Hang it up.  Go home.  But why would he think he's the hero, this teacher who looks more the bully than the kid he accused of bullying?  It makes me think of the cases where politicians in Boston and Chicago tried to use their office to ban Chick-fil-A.  Remember that?  There was a backlash.  Even if it appears the Chicken house buckled a little (not sure how much), there was a stronger backlash against the politicians in question, even by noted liberals, gay rights advocates, and atheists.

And yet, being politicians, they had to have believed that doing this would not have gotten them in trouble, but would have gotten them cheers and votes.  Sure, some cheered.  Some celebrated the hope that labor camps for religious freaks are in the near future.  But not many.  Most were in respectful disagreement to flat out appalled.  But something in the air.  Something in the climate.  Something in our modern society told them that if they use the power of the government to ostracize and banish a company because of its president speaking hi religious beliefs that run afoul of modern liberal sensitivities, they would come out the winners.  The same air that made this teacher think that he would stroll through the legal system with flowers strewn before him out of admiration because of publicly banishing a non-conformist Catholic student.

They were wrong.  But there was enough in the climate of our culture to make them think, at least at first, that they would be oh, so right.  And that's what I'm watching.

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