Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Latest prayer update

So far things are looking about as good as they can.  Days seem to drag on with geological timing right now, as we're simply watching to see if the symptoms dissipate.  If they do, then it means there is likely nothing serious at all.  So far, it seems to be heading in that direction.  And if things continue tomorrow as they have today, it will be good news.  But it's only the second inning of a nine inning game, so continued prayers are requested and appreciated.  I will say this, I'm proud of my son.  He's handled this a thousand times better than I ever would have handled it.  I'd have been curled up in the corner somewhere trying to pick flowers off the paper towels.  But all in all, he's been an inspiration to me, that's for sure.  More prayers and more updates to follow.  TTFN.

UPDATE: He's had another incident, but the doctors still seem to think it may just be part of the healing process.  That's our prayer.  Healing means injury and that means nothing more serious.  So pray that things continue along the way they've said they should.


  1. Dave, I'm not surprised that Charlie is handling this well. All of your boys are strong and faith-filled- just like their Dad and Mom. I'll keep praying,

  2. No matter the outcome, he walks with God, Dave.

    All will be well.


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