Sunday, June 16, 2013

Prayer request update

Well it's been days since my son  had any severe episode, or any episode at all.  Which is good.  That we can actually move from counting the hours to counting the days brings more peace and calm than you can imagine.  We're still concerned of course.  Though the doctors said, if it's an injury, the problem could flare up a few more times over the next couple weeks, no problems at all would be best.  Still please pray.  I appreciate the prayers, comments and emails.  We hope and pray that it all heals up soon, and that we can take this and learn from it as we all should when such events come our way.

In addition to prayers for my oldest, I would add if you could pray for our eighth grader, who wisely flipped his bike over last week and appears to have damaged his wrist worse than thought.  Plus my sister who was just told she has a problem in her heart and is going to need more tests.  Yeah, it's been that kind of a couple weeks.

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