Friday, June 7, 2013

Ignorance versus idiocy

If you think 2 +2 = 5, that circles have four equal sides, or that George Washington Carver was our first president, you might be ignorant of the facts.  Perhaps uneducated.  If you trust the news media to tell you the truth, you might be an idiot.

Really.  So the unemployment rate went up to 7.6%.  Generally, the unemployment rate going up is never, ever seen as good. At least if a Republican is in the White House.  But not so fast, CNN tells us.  In a pre-prepared segment, CNN deals with the numbers.  You see, in addition to the unemployment rate, most will tell you that the jobs being created are not great jobs.  They are low paying, temp or part time jobs, such as those in the hospitality or food service sectors.  Which shouldn't appear good.

And yet CNN swoops in with its pre-prepared segment, complete with visuals and stock footage, to explain that a rise in jobs in the hospitality fields, typically seen as low paying, seasonal and poor replacements for high paying full time jobs with benefits, can actually be great!  Heck, a CEO involved in the hospitality industry explains that many jobs in hotels with restaurants offer a free meal!  Of course your family may starve, but lets not dally on the details.  My apologies for no link, but I just watched it and CNN probably hasn't added it to the site.  If CNN has any shard of credibility left, it will actually burn  the prints.

Of course CNN isn't the only outlet.  All outlets are trying to put their best spin on this.  FOX, of course, can barely contain its glee.  But in all things, it should be obvious to anyone with more brains than a mite that any notion our journalism outlets are telling us the truth should have gone the way of the butter churn.

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