Sunday, June 30, 2013

Update on prayers

Well it's been a long, crazy month.  Four weeks ago we were thrown into a tizzy when sudden medical problems hit our oldest son.  These are the type of things that say 'get to doctor immediately.'  The good news is that they believe it was the result of an internal injury, but not one so bad as to require surgery.  That's good.  He's not had any recurring problems now for a few weeks.  He goes to the doctor tomorrow for a follow up, and prayerfully there will be no further problems.  We'll still have to watch, and probably will keep one eye on things from now on, at least on occasion.

But that wasn't it.  No sooner had things calmed down there than my sister was told she would have to get a check up on her heart, as there are problems they can't pinpoint.  So she, whose husband was diagnosed with inoperable cancer last year, has to schedule some heart tests to see what's happening.

But that wasn't it. About a week after the initial shock and terror and worry about our oldest, our now thirteen year old was riding his bicycle and suddenly flipped over and twisted his wrist.  He's doing much better now, but was out of commission for several days.

But that wasn't it.  Two weeks ago, my Mom suddenly began shaking, and we couldn't figure out why.  Fearful that she was having a stroke, we rushed her to the ER.  It wasn't a stroke, but her heart, too, needed some checks.  It turns out everything is OK, at least insofar as serious heart problems are concerned for someone her age.

But that wasn't it. When she was coming home, on her way up our somewhat dilapidated steps, she tripped and fell and broke her arm.  She had to be rushed back to the ER, and she's been ordered to take it easy.  So with that, my boys brought up some games to keep her busy.  She's WWII generation.  She doesn't take sitting and doing nothing well.  So a little game of Sorry, and it seemed to keep her spirits up.

So prayers that things settle down, that things calm down as we bid a welcome adieu to June.  That we can somehow survive financially, for I fear some of the heart problems with Mom at least centers around those worries.  And prayers that healing for my oldest, my Mom, and everyone continue, stay, or get better.  Thanks for all the prayers, emails, and messages sent.  I can't tell you how much I appreciated them.

Keeping Mom active without too much activity.  Well done fellows.

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