Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some commercials are better than movies

I mean it, especially with the crop of movies today, I find myself more often touched by the better commercials than the celluloid bilge coming from Hollywood.  It isn't all bad.  And you have your Nolans out there, trying desperately to bring credibility back to this increasingly bland industry.  But they are peeps in the overall chorus.  So it really is a shame that a car commercial can be more charming, moving and emotionally satisfying than the multi-million dollar products of (chuckle) Hollywood.  And yet it's the truth, as this wonderful little gem that demonstrates real and beautiful love better than a truckload of Hallmarks ever could so aptly demonstrates:

P.S.  I know the purpose is to get me to buy a car.  Just like the purpose of Hollywood is to get me to buy a movie.  And yet, you have to agree, this does it better than most movies today.

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