Thursday, June 6, 2013

Urgent prayer request

Without getting into detail, a prayer request for our oldest son.  There are about a half dozen physical abnormalities in life that if they occur we are told to see a doctor immediately.  Well, one has occurred with him.  We're praying that it's an infection, injury or minor ailment.  Like all such things, it runs the gamut of 'serious but treatable to...', well, we don't want to think of it.  So prayers would be appreciated.


  1. Lord, we know the kid's awesome and You can hardly wait to hang out with him, but his family really like being with him now and his little brothers need him lots.

    Please let us keep him awhile longer. Bless the doctors' wisdom and keep their eyes keen and minds sharp so that this too might pass not with sorrow, but with joy.

    Ever in Your mercy, amen.

  2. Lifting him up in prayer!! -Rose


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