Sunday, June 16, 2013

Confirmation gloating

Our eighth grader received the Sacrament of Confirmation!  Yeah, I know.  It was almost a month ago.  No sooner did he go through, then a series of incidents began occurring that made getting back to the old blog difficult.  In fact, at times, it just didn't seem to be something to set time aside for given the gravity of other events (see previous post on prayer requests).  Hopefully and prayerfully, things are settling for now.  Calm enough to go back and get some important pictures of that wonderful day posted.  Now, if you'll be patient with my shameless gloating, is our eighth grader on a very important step in his pilgrimage, as well as the family in all their goofy, fun and wonderful glory.

With his awesome sponsor, Rich.
Not Catholic, but Mom and my sister came to show their support, with my oldest peeking around.
For sitting almost two hours, he did well.
He volunteered to serve for his bother's confirmation.  How cool.
That's our bishop, Bishop Campbell.
In line to receive the anointing - I love the Catholic Faith!
Receiving the chrism with St. George as his Saint: et confirmo te chrismate salutis...
The always present Knights of Columbus, adding important gravitas to the day.
The first half of the confirmation class, 2013.
With Deacon Felix, officially the best Deacon in the American Church.
The Fam on a wonderfully blessed day. (photo courtesy of our plucky Ed. Director)
Back to the house for some presents, including all things dedicated to the Dragon Slayer.
Our oldest checks out one of the cool gifts.
Dining Japanese style at our confirmee's request (I think the young fellow at the end is full).
I know, it's almost boasting to post such a cute picture - no apologies. 
No, we didn't say they could get in the water.
And after it all, a cake, a rest, and a prayer for blessed days to come.

Ephesians 4:30 "And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God: whereby you are sealed unto the day of redemption."


  1. You know, still a Protestant, but I can't help but admit that the flair and pomp of Catholicism has a lot of appeal. (it certainly makes one less likely to forget the day they joined the faith)

    Genuine congrats, all around. :)

  2. Thanks! I try to remember it's the Catholic Faith I hold as true, not always what's happening at any given point in the Church.


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