Friday, October 4, 2013

Ross Douthat is a credit

To Catholics, Conservatives and Americans.  Here he points out what many are figuring.  For those who scratch their heads and wonder how after 20 of 28 years of Republican control, we can be in a state in 2008 of electing perhaps the most openly and radically liberal president in history, here's the answer.  I knew a fellow who was a Catholic convert.  He was from Argentina (and had some pretty strong words about the Left's answer to illegal immigration).  He had also worked with the government for several decades.  He explained that it didn't matter who was in the White House, or Congress for that matter.  The overwhelming majority of government workers he had associated with were far to the Left, avid Democrats, and more liberal than most of the liberal Democrats the media interviews.

There are other reasons of course.  Many Republicans aren't much better.  And as for the presidents, at least two of the three last GOP executives had wives that would fit alongside of any MSNBC host.  And a few others would either embrace all the glories of liberalism completely, or at least, alongside most of the American mega-multinational corporations, promote everything from liberalism that leads to hedonism and debauchery, as long as it winds up lifting the bottom line.  Nonetheless, like it or not, we are and have been for many generations, a liberal society.  Douthat calls it like it is.  Perhaps others may begin to listen.

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