Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Confession is good for the student

Apparently, according to this link sent by a reader, confession sites are becoming common on college campuses.  How common?  Don't know.  This is the first I've heard, though I'll keep my ears open.  I believe it, since it tailgates on the rather well documented trend of colleges cracking down on speech that doesn't conform to certain dogmatic definitions of diversity.

Heck, I experienced similar ideas back in the 80s when I was in a state college.  A proud, agnostic liberal, I nonetheless was taken aback by the outright contempt and hostility aimed at me when I suggested that reverse discrimination could be bad since, you know, discrimination was seen as a bad thing.  I made that argument once in a report for an education class.  The girl I was teamed with literally backed away, pointed and said she had nothing to do with my opinions.  The class pounced.  The teacher wrote, on my written page, asking why I was 'so scared of women and minorities'?

My only point was that if a system, like Affirmative Action, is broken, it needs fixed.  No matter how noble the idea, things can always go wrong.  And if it ends up doing something like promoting discrimination, it could end up coming back at it down the road.  We could end up losing the whole thing.   Better to tweak it and make sure all are given equal chances  no matter what their race or gender.  Bam!  All hell broke loose.

Ironically, the only person to defend me was the only middle aged black woman in the class.  She got my point.  She said she wanted a job because she deserved it, not because she was black or a woman.  She alone saw what I was saying.  But I never forgot how I was lambasted that day, by people I considered my own ideological allies.  Simply because I dared.  So count me skeptical, but I'll assume there is truth to this story, and only clear evidence to the contrary will turn my mind.

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