Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Alan Grayson scares me

Not because I'm scared of him.  But because he is taken seriously and given a platform by the propaganda ministry for saying things that make Fred Phelps look calm and balanced by comparison.  Republicans can oppose Obamacare and they are called hateful, racist, bigots and grandma killers for it.  And some of this from media pundits. 

Grayson calls conservatives in general, and now the Tea Party in particular, the KKK, calls them bigots, racists and evil - and he's given star status and treated like a serious commentator.  He represents the lie that was liberalism.  He's filled with hatred, contempt, loathing, and gives the impression that if the rack and thumbscrews were still around, well you know. 

But it's the vast gulf between how the GOP must defend themselves for not being liberal democrats, versus Grayson who says things no Republican could come within a million miles of saying while getting accolades and great praise, that leaves you wonder.  What will our country look like when all resistance to 'Liberalism' has finally ceased? This, after all, is supposedly while it is still merely one competing movement.

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