Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A sane approach to Pope Francis

Unlike much of the bilge spewed about regarding the many words of Pope Francis, Fr. Barron does his usual bang up job unpacking the best approach to our new Pope.  He actually does it without petty insults or self-righteous contempt.  He also seems to get that it isn't just the conservatives who are missing the Pope's points, but it is those of the post-modern world who are as well.  And then - this is the shocking part - he actually admits that there could be reason to at least understand why some are concerned about how Pope Francis is saying what he is saying.  He simply thinks if we step back and consider the primary motive as it appears, there is no reason to think that Pope Francis is on the verge of selling the faith for a bowl of post-modern stew.  Once again, the reason why non-Catholics should follow Fr. Barron if they want a good look of what the Catholic Church aspires to be about.

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