Monday, October 7, 2013

Another take on Pope Francis

And one I've heard mentioned more than once.  This is from Dale Price, a favorite of Mark Shea.  The gist is that we can only defend Pope Francis so many times.  We can only use this or that excuse, accuse everyone of misunderstanding or not liking him, so many times.  The latest excuse is that his words were misrepresented by an 88 year old interviewer who used neither notes nor recordings, but reproduced the interview from memory after the Pope gave him his thumbs up.  OK, that happens.  But really?  I mean, shouldn't Pope Francis be a little careful about giving interviews to 88 year old men conspicuously missing recording or note taking paraphernalia? 

Being Pope is a major responsibility. It's like the Presidency, but with the God stamp of approval.  You're in the history books for the ages and responsible for leading and defending the flock.  The media is hostile.  He has to know that.  The media is not schooled in theology.  He has to know that.  Not everyone who reads his interviews is a Jesuit scholar.  He has to know that.  In the end, there is a limit to how often we can blame the human race, the world, the universe, the media, the stars and the clouds.  At some point, he has to step up and stop the upheaval and misunderstandings.

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