Monday, October 7, 2013

Scholarship in the world of post modern Internet brilliance

This quote:
the protestants starting with the first pilgrims killed of a whole nation of Indians, it started cause they wouldn't convert to protestantism

Is from a discussion on (I know).  It involved someone diving in and trashing Christians, with the resulting defenses.  Ahem.  I haven no clue who posted the above quote, but in reading his (her?) other posts, he appears to be a Catholic blasting others for being Jewish or not Catholic.  I'm really hoping this is not the type of over the top anti-Semitic radical traditionalist some Catholics insist are out there.  But the statement against Jews, the defense of the Church, the attacks on Protestants (including this charmer), all suggests someone either defending a Catholic perspective, or someone trying to make those defending the Catholic perspective look very, very, very stupid. 

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