Thursday, October 31, 2013

Henry Waxman proves one thing

He proves it's a media conspiracy to make people think Conservatives are idiots.  Here he is, saying we need to stop worrying about the problems with Obamacare (the rollout for instance) and celebrate the fact that it is working. 
Waxman said, “The early glitches in this rollout will soon be forgotten,” and asked the committee to “keep this in perspective: The Affordable Care Act is working.”

WTH?  Even if Obamacare was the greatest law in history.   Even if it was perfect in every conceivable way.  Even if all experts knew it would save humanity and every person believed it and it was really that wonderful, we wouldn't know yet.  It would take time to play through.  People would actually have to have it, and use it, and keep it for a while before we ran the numbers and knew. 

The fact that he says something akin to 'yes, unicorns do control the traffic lights in my home town', and the press didn't jump on it with a Quayle-misspells-potato media frenzy, goes to show the painful truth that we do not have a free press, if we ever did.  We certainly don't have access to truth through the media. 

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