Sunday, October 6, 2013

That was close

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports
The Buckeyes squeaked, and I mean squeaked, past Northwestern last night.  I've never understood coaches.  Urban Meyer stuck with Braxton Miller even though Miller was clearly not on top of his game.  Two fumbles and an interception, not to mention a disastrously thrown ball to an open receiver in the end zone that killed the chance for a touchdown.  Yet he would not even take him out for a while to cool.  Thankfully, two very close (and reviewed) calls went for OSU and we barely made it.  The score suggests differently, but that was due to the Wildcats' attempt to a multiple-lateral move to make a desperate touchdown in the last seconds.  One of the players threw it past their own and into the OSU end zone, allowing the Bucks to add six after the clock stopped.  If Mr. Urban says we will sink or swim with Braxton, that's up to him.  But if we play that way against any team with any serious credentials, we won't have a nut of a chance.  And that's not to take away from Northwestern.

Kudos to Northwestern BTW.  Had it been any other team they were playing, I would have rooted for them. They played with grace, style, and cleverness.  Their dual quarterbacks were nothing short of awesome - and logged one of the most hilariously cartoonish plays I've seen in years, as the quarterback dove under two attacking Buckeyes, only to make the play while they dove and collided with each other over top of him.  Since nobody was seriously hurt, it's the stuff that makes football not only great, but at times funny.

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