Sunday, October 27, 2013

The power of liberalism

There are many reasons that liberalism, for lack of a better word, is winning.  One is the tactic of the fifty million little fires.  It seems every day we wake up and somewhere, someone is declaring the latest tradition to be evil, bigoted and needing to be eradicated for the common good.  You just can't keep up with it all. 

Hence the Great Redskins Scandal of 2013.  The good news is, even some American Indians are stepping up and saying 'hey, we don't mind!'  But it happens every day.  I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up tomorrow, opened the paper, and saw a headline proclaiming that green eyed women with last names starting with M are in fact horribly discriminated against.   That the evil Christian West has targeted their kind for years.  That we must right this heinous wrong.  It's time we invoke the Censorship for Tolerance! 

Before we would have a chance to even look and see if there really was such a plight, laws would be changing and the revolutionary council would have convinced enough Americans that yet one more vestige of some freedom, somewhere, just had to go.  So the Air Force Academy, in the wake of this thrice-daily onslaught, has blinked.  And it has taken the first baby step that we've now seen too many times.  It won't end there of course.   As with all things liberal, it's only the beginning.  Like most things with decidedly ulterior motives, it can't be compromised with, bargained with or negotiated with.  It may appear a victory of compromise.  But give it a couple years.  At that time, when there are a hundred other new scandals demanding the Censorship, you'll see this revisited.  And we'll take yet one more baby step toward a world in which Freedom is a distant memory.

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