Saturday, October 12, 2013

And yet more Pope Francis sayings

Here's an article that just popped up.  No clue.  I don't know if the man is just tossing out interviews left and right, or if the Press is scouring anything they can find and releasing it as 'the Pope just Changed Church Teaching!'  I trust the press to tell me what's going on like I trust my lottery ticket to contain the winning numbers. 

If this article is anywhere close, there's not a whole lot to say.  Like so many things, it depends on what is meant more than what is said.  For instance.  Protestant Churches sometimes speak of being Welcoming and Affirming.  OK.  Now that was actually code for 'we support gay rights and gay marriage.'  More than that, A I personally discovered, it was also a not too subtle code for 'if you don't support gay rights and gay marriage, we will neither welcome you nor affirm your homophobic bigotry.' 

So there you go.  A couple words that mean about the same thing to most people, used for entirely different reasons.  These statements about women from Pope Francis - assuming they are accurate - could mean nothing at all.  They could mean everything.  It's really all about what Pope Francis means when he says such things.

My only concern is that he does seem to take the stereotypes of traditional terms used against the faith, accepts that those stereotypes are the appropriate definition, and then goes onto dismiss those terms.  Servitude vs. service?  I'm sure we could split linguistic hairs.  But beware.  Those hearing this might be able to sail entire fleets through the loophole of interpretation that such a comparison invites. 

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