Monday, October 28, 2013

A full rich week Part II

Owing to my schedule, nothing happens in my life between Tuesday and either Friday or Saturday (and sometimes Monday, but usually not Sunday).  Our weekend finished with a rousing burst of family time, preparing for our oldest's big day.  That day came on Friday.  I was able to get about five hours off early.  His big desire that day was, in typical fashion, an afternoon with the family, and some games.  That's him.  We pulled if off nicely. 

The next day we had tickets to the Ohio State vs. Iowa game.  I got those through my old alumni club.  They happened to have a Tailgate and special offer for tickets that very weekend.  Since it was that weekend, I asked for the day off and made that part of his birthday gift.  It rained, and the food was horrible.  Sorry Outback, but whatever it was we ate, my son called it 'that thing that was supposed to be meat.'  Because of the cold and the rain, there wasn't much taking in the sights of the campus.  We stayed in the Student Union.  A newer building, it isn't the one that was there when I was in school.  That was torn down several years ago.  This one is big, new, awesome - and without any particular memories for me.  Maybe he'll have some if he goes to OSU.

Then thankfully the rain stopped and we were able to take in the game.  We were a bit worried the first half, but OSU finally found its pace and hasn't looked back since.

My boy.  He makes me proud.

We pose with a good friend to escape the effects of Global Warming


  1. Of course your boys make you proud. Heck, a lot of these pics give me just a sliver hope that there's at least 4 men out there with good hands that the world can be left in.

    In other words: they give me just a bit of hope about tomorrow.

  2. Thank you Nate. That was darn kind to say. They give me hope, too.


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