Friday, November 9, 2012

Where is Howard Beale when we need him

He's right you know.  In order to change things, you have to get mad at them.  You have to get mad at that ball, as we used to tell our boys in soccer.  Right now, the ones who are mad as hell are the ones who are winning.  Mad as hell about free contraceptives, mad as hell about abortion rights, mad as hell about eliminating religious influence in society, mad as hell about gay marriage.  They're mad as hell, and the good news for them is, soon they won't have to take it anymore.

Those who don't support such things?  Well they're mad, but mostly at each other.  Sure, those who are mad as hell about our wars or our torture were once mad as hell, but they're clever enough to know that if they really want to get gay marriage or free contraception, then tread lightly with the one who will help you get it, even if he's also doing what you were once mad as hell about.  After all, there's being mad as hell  then there's being politically clever.

But those not wanting such things, well they're more or less mad as hell about - each other.  Most energies are spent now trashing and hashing one another.  Declaring war on those who oppose those things, but not as cleverly as I do.  Realizing that there is no compromise at all, if you're not with me, you're against me, even if it means those others who have declared war on everything we hold dear will win. Oh Mr. Beale is right.  The first thing you do is get mad as hell and declare you're not going to take it any more.  It's just that one side realized who they must unite together to get mad as hell at, and the other side thinks the best move is to be mad at hell at all those others who aren't as good at being mad as hell as I am.

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