Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Buckeyes Beat Michigan!

Hurrah!  A perfect season, the first since 2002.  I know, we can't go to the  bowl games since several years ago some of our freshmen sold official paraphernalia for some tattoos.  Such is the result of youthful stupidity. Yet against all odds, we came back.  Urban Meyer must be a wizard of a coach, to keep a team with literally nothing to gain on track, beating every team no matter what the odds.  It was ugly, and sometimes the warts showed.  We'll certainly have to work to improve upon things next year.  But for now we can rejoice. It will be a bit of a vacancy not to have an OSU game to follow over the New Years holiday.  But we can all celebrate a wonderful season by a new coaching dynasty, and some hardy young players who have shown their mettle against overwhelming obstacles.  Well done Buckeyes!  We'll see you next year.

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