Saturday, November 10, 2012

I guess sexual affairs can impact one's job performance

At least according to some stories beginning to trickle in regarding General Petraeus' resignation.  For example:
"Officials will want to know if there was any link between David Petraeus’s extramarital activities and what has been increasingly criticized as the CIA’s weak performance during the Benghazi attack."
Ah yes, if we can but travel in the Wayback Machine to those crazy days of the late 1990s, we will remember that all of the best and brightest assured us it was ludicrous to think a sexual affair could impact someone's job performance.  Why, that was just old puritanical lunacy of the third order. Clearly a man could be doing the naughty thing in his very office, while coolly and deftly managing the affairs of the world without missing a beat.  So we were told.

One of the benefits of the modern progressive inspired era of living in a nation of punditry rather than principles  is that the obviously indisputable eternal truth of today can easily be tossed aside tomorrow.  If it's brought up?  Why, it's either just rank partisanship denying the obvious (that it couldn't be the President's fault, it must have had something to do with the affair), or it's treated as archaic thinking of backward has-beens.

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