Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where's our flight plan God?

So three weeks ago we were facing almost certain financial ruin.  Bills weren't being paid, and we were informed that the only vehicle capable of hauling our family was in dire need of a new transmission.  Things looked as bleak as they have since we came into the Catholic Church in 2006.  Well, thanks to the intervention of some wonderful, Christ-inspired Catholics, we have been lifted out of that mess, it looks like the van thing should be countered, and that gives us a breathing space for a while.  It at least makes it possible to haul the family around in while we're working things out.

But as I said in our 'answer to a prayer post', now that we've received more than a few life preservers from good Catholics and parishes for the last few years, we would like to get into the boat.  We're a little tired of living from life preserver to life preserver.  We'd like to be back in the boat.  Or, better yet, we'd like to know how we're finally supposed to fit into this new Catholic life.

It reminded me of that scene in the movie Apollo 13.  After struggling to get the crew around the moon and just to the point of overcoming the greatest threats to their survival, the team at Houston is told it's time to work on getting them back home to earth.  And that's where we are.  After years, especially the last few months, of just struggling to survive and pay bills, and seeing that we have a little breathing space now, we'd like to hear from God just how he plans on getting us home; in this case, able to care for our family and children while finding our place in our new Faith home.  I know it's much to ask.  I realize others are struggling as well.  But our burdens have a decidedly faith oriented dimension to them, and seeing us back up, ministering again, with purpose and at least enough to get by on for the kids, would go a long way in showing the naysayers, the skeptics, and even those in our family who have begun to wonder about our conversion under the weight of endless hardships directly related to our conversion, that this was finally the place we were always meant to be. 

Let that be our prayer - show us the flight plan God, just like those astronauts were ready to see theirs.  

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