Friday, November 2, 2012

A miraculous answer to a desperate prayer

I can say no more than a big thanks go God, and those who willingly allow their generous hearts to bend to the still, small voice.  After a succession of bad fortune, including some financial hits, we were told our van needed a transmission change.  It looks now like it will happen, and we won't lose our home in order to keep the family truckster moving. A miraculous answer to our prayers indeed.  To all involved, a hearty thanks and praise out to God for using you in such a stunning way.  To everyone who notified me that they were praying, thanks as well.  That's the big help, and we ask that you keep the prayers going.

Think of that scene in Apollo 13, when after many struggles, they finally get the astronauts where they can begin working on the final approach to earth, that's where we are.  Assuming no other unforeseen circumstances, we now can take a breath and begin praying in earnest for gainful employment for me wife and me.  As my wife said, we've appreciated the generosity from countless Catholics who have stepped up to the plate and doused us with more than just cups of cold water.  We wouldn't have made it this far without those who chose us as the beneficiaries of their Christ inspired generosity.

But now, it would be nice to get past surviving on one life preserver after another, and finally get back into the boat. A boat.  Any boat.  The boat doesn't have to be given to us, if we are simply told where to find it.  Or we'll build it with blueprints and some materials.  Heck, just give us the blueprint and we'll find the materials ourselves.  But now, we ask God to get us back into the boat so that in some way, maybe not in the far future, we can finally get back to helping others by giving out life preservers of our own.

Again, thanks and blessings to everyone whose prayers and generosity have gotten us to this point.  More prayers now, as we look to getting the van back on its wheels and taking the family to whatever the future may hold!