Monday, November 26, 2012

Mark Shea nails it

On a post dealing with the tendency that some folks have for pushing evolution into arenas it was never meant to be pushed, Mark breaks down a Catholic approach to this issue: why it's often used as a bogus 'gotcha' question by the equally agenda driven media, and the better approach to answering the question for Catholics who have such a rich and deep intellectual heritage at their disposal.  Well worth the read.

I would add that I think Rubio, like most Mark speaks of, may not have been uninformed of his Catholic faith, but rather, may simply not have cared about this particular subject.   Otherwise, kudos for Mark for noting that what Rubio was raked over the coals for was an answer to the question not unlike the same answer given by Barrack Obama.  Like so many things today, the question of evolution seems to  be less a desire for knowledge than a yearning to win arguments and advance agendas.

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