Sunday, November 25, 2012

John McCain helps demonstrate reasons for the implosion of the GOP

By proudly stating that it's time for the GOP to trash all that concern about abortion. Sure, I may see it as the murder of unborn children, but hey!  We can respectfully disagree, and instead focus on bigger, more important things than how a nation gets to arbitrarily define human life.  This should work against a party that has pioneered the method of strutting like peacocks under the banner of tolerance, while portraying anyone who doesn't conform to its dogmatic definitions of diversity as racist, homophobic bigot misogynists who hate poor people and yearn for segregation.  Right.  Again, I can understand those who stay within the party systems in the hopes that they can turn one of the major parties around as a force for life and goodness in our country.  But I can sure see why a growing segment of that population is losing any hope that the GOP will be the party through which this can be accomplished.

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