Sunday, November 4, 2012

Win one for the Scarlet and Gray

On a gray November day that is.  So the good news is that before our economic plight began its final descent, when we still were able to get by and, with some scrounging, afford a few extras, we purchased our annual tickets to the Ohio State Buckeyes football game, as well as a special super deal for the upcoming BalletMet performance of the Nutcracker.  More on that later.  As it is, my status as alumnus allows us two football tickets a year for a discounted price.  Of course the seats reflect the price, allowing us to find out what it might be like at high altitudes without oxygen. 

In the day, as an alumnus, you received two tickets - eventually.  At first you might not qualify, but the longer you were an alumnus, the more likely you would get tickets.  Plus - and this is important - the longer you got tickets, the better they would be.  Oh, they would never be team side 50 yard line, but they would get better.  But all that changed a few years ago, when under Mr. Gee's emphasis on money to the exclusion of all other possible priorities, the tickets were moved to a flat lottery  with everyone having a 10% chance of being booted in any given year   And if you get tickets?  Well, to make room for the important people (read: those with boatloads of money), you are relegated to the stratosphere, using all your optical powers to discern what is happening on the field far, far below. 

This year, with the game at 3:30, and in November (itself a treat, as most alumni tickets are for the earlier, exhibition games), I knew it would be different. It was.  My oldest, not wanting to use up his final game with me (each boy gets 3), deferred to our 7th grader who, at first reluctant, went ahead and took the slot.  Since OSU is not bowl eligible  they weren't crazy about the season, but the older two had already used up two games each   Our 7th grader, however, had only gone once, and so we figured he would still have another year down the road.  So he went.

What a day.  What a chance to see the changes.  The big news was that the power in the stadium went out before the game, and stayed off until just into the start of the game.  Otherwise, it was great fun.  It always is.  Even as the school changes, builds, tears down, and adapts to the march of time, I can always count on my boys to make the event special.  With our 7th grader, who has a built in knack for enjoying anything at any time, it's not hard to have fun at all.  Thanks for the memories, and we'll have a more normal, less goofy time the next time!

Yes, he has that much fun eating out, a rare thing in these days
It may be sunny, but it's cold
A bit blurry, but captures the fun and the mascot well enough
Posing by mirror lake
A kindly elderly couple made this pic of proud Dad and son possible
Doing his best Rodin; note the smirk, it was in response to my request for a little more seriousness
We get there early enough to relax, and take in the thinner air, but it will be packed soon enough

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