Thursday, November 29, 2012

When it comes to AIDS

One of the verdicts years from now will be that we had a disease that flourished because we refused to talk about its causes.  I realize that it thrives in poverty stricken countries.  I understand that it has long passed into areas of society where people who have done nothing are infected.  I know that children are born with the disease.  But I also have a hunch - a powerful, gnawing hunch - that this disease that is still passed primarily through intravenous drug use and sexual promiscuity (particularly male homosexuality)  did not coincidentally explode on the world scene within a decade of everyone in the West saying we could just strip off our clothes, takes tons of drugs, have tons of sex, and nothing would ever go wrong.  Despite a National Geographic special I watched that spoke of various pandemics threatening the world, I have a feeling we know full well why AIDS was around for so long, but didn't become a problem until the 1970s.

And while I know discrimination, fear, judgementalism and ignorance can be problematic,  so is ignoring the main causes, and that doesn't mean focusing only on economic and societal causes. Once again, Pope Benedict XVI has given his annual encouragement for World AIDS Day and not mentioned anything about the causes.  That's like having World Lung Cancer Day and remaining silent about smoking.  You think that would happen?  But AIDS is an assault on post-Christian progressive values, and as such, it is handled according to the demands of the post-Christian progressive establishment.  Like it or no, even the power and majesty that is the 2000 year old Catholic Church must occasionally be influenced by this global revolution.  In the end, the progressive revolution sets the standards for acceptable discourse.

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