Saturday, November 10, 2012

Catholic Blogs as Sunday School

Just a thought.  That's all.  I've come to realize that the Catholic blogosphere is really the global Catholic equivalent of a Protestant Sunday School class.  That is, it's a collection of individuals, some with formal training, most without; some with some level of ministry experience, most without, who come together and try to work out the teachings of the Faith.  In Sunday School classes, one always had to remember that a great deal of opinion and personal preference went into those discussions.  The best folks were aware of that, and did their best to either admit where opinion ended and Church Teaching began, but sometimes the dividing lines weren't always so well defined.  That's not to say Sunday Schools weren't a wonderful way to grow in the Faith.  It is to say that caution was always called for, especially since in Protestant Churches, there was that tendency to gravitate to a congregation or denomination that already shares your own preconceived notions (dare I say, biases?).  Catholic blogs, the same.  So just an off the cuff thought tonight  while we're awaiting our young thespian's triumphal return from their final performance   No link.  No article.  Just something that dawned on me as I perused the post-election commentary across the Catholic blogosphere.

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