Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The world of political punditry emerges from beneath its rock

A story on how the media has handled the death of Bin Laden.  The talk media, that is.  For the most part, the MSM has shown a level of restraint.  Sure, there has been talk about how this might help President Obama.  But on the whole, no swipes at Bush, no overt praise of Obama.  Just trying to help America relish in a singular victory amidst so many failures. 

Then, of course, there is the dreaded 24 hour cable news shows, the radio talk shows, and the various partisan blogs.  Their job is not to report the news.  Their job is to attack the other side and build up their own.  If Obama (or Bush) were to cure cancer, the opposition's first task is to turn it into a defeat.  Therefore, even while many Americans are sighing in relief, many on the Right have emerged to spin it in any way possible.  Either using this as an excuse to promote torture enhanced interrogation.  Or in the case of Limbaugh, mocking the star worship and god worship that the President enjoys among some liberal pundits, instead of rejoicing with his fellow Americans.

The worst thing about it all, is how those on the Left actually lived up to the snide mockery of Limbaugh on the Right.  Clue folks.  It isn't an Obama thing, no matter how the hard-left pundits try to make it seem.  But Obama deserves his share of the credit, no matter how badly those on the hard-right attempt to make it seem otherwise.  Perhaps the biggest revelation in this all is just how much the same the hard-left and the hard-right are becoming. 

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