Monday, May 2, 2011

Muslim scholars warn us that we goofed

Apparently, by giving Bin Laden a burial at sea, we may have provoked a religious culture that would appear never to need an excuse to be provoked.  How long will we continue to say, "You can't insult the religion of peace!  If you do, they'll burn churches, blow up embassies, and shoot more nuns!"  How long can we and keep any level of dignity that may be left? 

One of our biggest problems in solving the issues of our time is our insistence on lying to ourselves about our reality.  For example:
  • Telling humans they are nothing but evolved animals has been a boon to humanity!
  • The 20th Century proves that by getting rid of religion, we can have peace and civility!
  • Right Wingers are why there is hate and vitriol in our modern debate!
  • Despite the life span of your average homosexual rivaling a Medieval peasant's, there's nothing unnatural about it!
  • An era based on unlimited sex and drugs has nothing to do with AIDS!
  • There is nothing wrong with Islam in the world, it is too the religion of peace!
  • Secular liberalism has done just fine in Europe and America for the last 60 years!
  • By rejecting government and putting everything in the hands of people who want money more than life itself, we will achieve salvation for our civilization!
When you force yourself to avoid the bleeding obvious about reality, chastise those who dare suggest the emperor actually is naked, and continue to insist the lies will form the basis for solutions, don't hold any breath waiting for things to work out. 

The act is done of course.  Bin Laden is in Davey Jones' Locker.  They should be glad we didn't cut his body up and shove a pound of bacon in his mouth before we did it.  It's a tribute to America's patience, tolerance, and maturity that since 9/11 we actually haven't gone on mass rampages, butchering Arabs and Muslims from sea to shining sea.  And it's a credit to us that when we found the man singularly responsible for the destruction and death we all witnessed, we did out best to treat him within the boundaries of Islamic sensitivities.  Those who overlook those facts to focus on this or that trivial issue as an excuse for violence?  I'm afraid they probably didn't really need an excuse. 

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