Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The AP and Obama's surging poll numbers

So all the news outlets across the nation are abuzz about the sudden surge of Obama's poll numbers since the killing of Bin Laden.  Looks like now folks think he can do it all, hunt down terrorists, protect our country, fix our economy.  Why, the list is endless.  No doubt 60% surveyed will expect the walking on water any moment!

But wait.  Not so fast.  Turns out the AP (that stands for Associated Propaganda Press), has fudged the numbers a bit.  You see, under my firm belief that one of the biggest wastes of human history is the professional study, survey, or poll, the AP has decided to give Democrats a disproportionate amount of say, 17 points higher that is.  That means they asked a larger number of democrats than they should, a number that far exceeds the national percentage of Democrats.

Why?  Because, as I've said before, Journalism is dead, long live Propaganda.  We've always prided ourselves on looking down our noses at those journalists of old who cooked up wars, elevated preachers, and told Rosie the Riveter to go home when the war was over.  But turns out, things haven't changed.  If they never were that bad then, they are that bad now. The AP is all about promoting a socialist, secular, culturally and politically liberal agenda.  Obama is their best hope. So realizing that a floundering economy, several missteps over the last year or so, an apathetic base, an outraged opposition, and diving poll numbers all meant the possibility of a one term president, the AP got to work.

They lied.  They fixed the race, hedged the bet, stacked the numbers to make the poll say what they wanted.  Then they went to work, along with the rest of the media, to 'interpret' this for the masses.  Clearly, we are being told, this shows that the American public is falling in love again, Obama's great, gives us chocolate cake, 2012 is in the bag, it's time we all promise to serve the One.  Sickening.  Again, we are reminded that after 5000 years, humans have learned very little.  It's not that we fall for propaganda, for certainly the Internet Age makes such information readily available.  But we love it.  Just like humans always have.

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