Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meanwhile, the hip bigotry for the enlightened American

Continues to gain steam.  In a retraction, Illinois congressman Shane Cultra assures us he really doesn't want to impose a special tax on parents of grotesquely and disgustingly fat obese kids.  Yet he can't just say he was taken out of context without adding:
I am sensitive to the need to reduce childhood obesity. But I don't believe a new tax one everyone who buys juice, soda and energy drinks will accomplish the goal. Parents have to take some responsibility."
Yep, because no matter what the reason for obesity, no matter how genetic the basis, it must be stopped!  Those who are obese and raise fat kids must be punished.  Of course the fact that some may be genetically predisposed toward being overweight is irrelevant.  It's not like being physiologically predisposed to a sexual preference that is medically shown to be leading to death and misery or anything.  It's fat, sloppy fat, obnoxious fat, grotesque fat people. 

When you stop focusing on one group to feel contempt for, I can't help but believe a society needs to pick up another.  Bigotry is, after all, the life blood of any civilization.

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