Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The motto of the Post-Modern Left

I'm convinced, should be something akin to 'We would abort six million babies for better orgasms!".  Here is a fluff piece of all fluff pieces to demonstrate the from-under-the-rock nature of the PML in all its glory, shielding itself with a cause that is, in itself, a good cause - keeping teenagers from committing suicide from bullying (something that speaks more about our modern culture, but that's for a different post).  Radical leftist journalist (and boy do I use the term 'journalist' lightly) Joshua Kors, praises and worships at the alter of Dan Savage, the fellow who equates anything short of venerating Gay Sex to be bullying which, of course, must be stopped. 

The piece begins by reminding us that Savage is one of those who, despite the deaths of almost 30 million AIDS victims*, still promises unbridled sexual pleasures with the assurance that it won't be you who becomes a statistic.  The piece goes on to give us a list of the Colberts, the Obamas, the Mahers, and all others who are willing to stand by while tens of millions die of AIDS, and tens of millions of other lives are lost and ruined due to the sex and drugs culture or our age.  Can there be anything more grotesquely irresponsible than promoting a culture of sexual promiscuity in the wake of a pandemic caused primarily by sexual promiscuity?

Yet the promise, especially to young people, is tantalizing:  Focus on yourself.  Everyone who doesn't affirm your focusing on yourself is, of course, the bad guy.  That you could be the bad guy isn't even in the equation.  It's them, it's always them.  So be what you want to be, get what you want to get, and do what you want to do with whoever you want to do it, as long as you end up being a person who focuses on yourself and sees sex as the ultimate defining characteristic of reality.  Anything that doesn't affirm you in that?  That's the bad guy.  It's the natural human tendency that makes propaganda so readily believed, even when all common sense screams the opposite.

And how do they continue to promote such an attitude when any kid able to see the emperor is naked can also see that AIDS and that very attitude are inextricably linked?  Well, that's where our basic contempt for all human life comes into play.  That's where the teaching that all humanity, not just non-Europeans, is a festering malignant blight upon the world anyway.  What is human life but pointless unless you are having sex with as many individuals as you want?  And for the gangbangs?  No problem there, that's why the gods of progressivism have given us abortion on demand.  For who wants a bunch of snot-nosed brats running around interfering with your orgies? 

No, the attitudes behind the post-modern Left take the absolute worst of the attitudes floating around Europe at the dawn of the 20th century, and multiply them a thousandfold.  The human suffering and waste of life that has occurred as a result?  Either ignore it, or justify it.  That's why we have our entertainment industry, our media, and our educational institutions to help in just such a case. And don't worry about those pesky kids who think the emperor is naked.  As story after story after story after story demonstrates, including the frequent tirades of our dear Mr. Savage, no censorship is too small, no oppression is too small, no intimidation is too small, no eradication of ungoodthink is too small, when the carrot at the end of the stick is the promise of a life focused on self to the exclusion of any other consideration, and especially fulfilled through the sacrament of sexual hedonism and debauchery.

*The total number of AIDS deaths is quickly approaching the total number of humans butchered by Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler combined.  Yet we insist it's due to ignorance, lack of education, and the need for more condoms, despite the fact that we have spent billions on education, treatment, and condom distribution to the near exclusion of just about every other conceivable concern for the last 30 years.

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