Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stocks continue to climb!

As unemployment and inflation continue to devour the American consumer.  How is this possible?  Well, I'm no economist.  By my guess has been for some time that, for all those decades companies begged us to 'Buy American', Americans forgot to ask those companies to 'Stay American.'  With shipping jobs overseas for slave wages, in addition to the exploding markets in places like India and China who, combined, have a potential market in excess of 6 times that of the United States, most companies no longer need the American worker to work in order to rake in the big bucks.  In fact, sometimes if wages are low or benefits are being cut, it might be just the thing to help the average Wall Street investor line his or her pockets with the misfortune of the Main Street American.  This article on The Lookout, not the best source I admit, seems to quote some folks who at least somewhat agree.  We'll see.  But it's nice to know that, while most Americans are struggling with gas prices, grocery prices, unemployment, and diminishing benefits, our Wall Street execs are bringing in unprecedented profits for themselves.  

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