Monday, May 9, 2011

On blogs and comments and the state of things

It's come to my attention that my comments sections are not showing up.  I might look into that when the time is right.  Right now, it's obvious that blogging has dropped to an almost crawl.  Life issues and all. As has, as a result, my readership.  Whereas a few months ago my readership meter was off the scale, it's closer to my bank's CD interest rates.  I've also been told that errors are popping up on my blog, and things are disappearing like certain faves or fans links or whatever.  I had been told some months ago that my Fans link had issues, and someone who had tried to be a fan couldn't. I never did figure that one out.  So obviously there is a certain level of maintenance involved in a blog, as well as the need for some tech knowledge, which I don't have. 

All of this is to say I don't have time to look into things right now.  I'll keep posting.  I hope folks will come by and enjoy, and keep coming back.  Tell a friend or two.  Link to my blog if you're really feeling crazy.  I may let comments stay off for a while.  To be honest, the number and variety of comments was diminishing once I had to slow down the blogging.  There's something to be said for quality, of course.  But after I had to chase away a commenter or two who were just more or less coming by and insulting people, I noticed the numbers of comments dropped.  Maybe that is the nature of the blogging beast.  It seems sometimes blogs are where we go to behave in ways we would never allow our children to behave.  It certainly is a place where folks can sometimes hatch some rather strange, if not downright stupid, ideas and theories.  And sadly enough, most numerous comments in most blogs happen when party one says thus and such, a second party responds by calling the individual stupid/evil/sinful, and then it's Katie-bar-the-door.  So for my rather non-combative nature, I prefer no conflict, but with no conflict came, well, fewer comments. We'll keep things as they are for now.

So come on by, see what I've been kicking around, and who knows?  Maybe things will all be up and running down the road when I have more time to post more thoughts.  I know you're all quivering with anticipation!

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