Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Issues

Looks like Blogger was having some problems for the last day.  From what I can tell, everything is fixed.  But since part of the problems involved watching a day's worth of posts vanish and then reappear, I think I'll hold off until next week to see if things are back to normal.  There were plenty of fun things to blog about.  But for now, I'll just wait until next week when I'm sure there will be even more.  Until then, just in case things are working, enjoy this heartrending yet inspiring story about the father of murdered son, John McCabe, who has finally, over four decades since his son's death, come close to finding justice.  Thanks, largely, in part to his own perseverance.  As Mollie at Get Religion points out, the NYT actually does a good job unpacking the importance of religion in the life of the parents, the family, and the son.  So while you shed a tear for John, who never had the chance to be in his sixties with grandchildren of his own and a family to look back upon, you can smile to know his faith and the faith of his family got them through, helped the father to push forward and eventually aid in the very case that changed his life forever, and applaud the NYT for, at least this time, getting the religion angle right.

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