Monday, May 16, 2011

Stephen Hawking continues to amuse

So an interview with the physicist has surfaced in which he illustrates why I never had the faith to be an atheist.  It demonstrates why people who are experts in one field are not always well versed in others. Of course he knows of no such thing.  Just like we no of no origins of religion.  Oh there are theories.  There are theories based on theories based on theories based on beliefs.  But no actual evidence.  What evidence we have is long after religious thought is in play.  What we make of it is, again, theory based on belief.  We do have his famous 'we don't need God, we have gravity' statement, which had philosophers and theologians blowing beer out of their noses in laughter.  It reminds me of Richard Dawkins.  Somewhere he said something about how if God exists, He would be bigger than any theologian ever knew.  A silly and meaningless statement, especially when just about every major religion and its thinkers admit there is more to God than we will ever know!  The irony is just too much fun.

As for science works, sure it does.  In medicine, in mechanics, in industry, in carbon emissions, in nuclear weapons, in gas chambers.  That's the problem with science.  It only asks what is.  It has no capacity for asking what we should do about it.  As the wise man once said, a society that lives in the shadow of the mushroom cloud, yet continues to put unchecked faith in science, is a culture that deserves to be laughed at by your average Medieval peasant.

Of course all of this is irrelevant.  Hawking is one of them science types, that must mean he's super smart about everything.  At least in the eyes of the media.

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