Saturday, May 7, 2011

A nice news story showing that people wear shoes in America

Actually, just Reuters pointing out what anyone not living under rocks has always known, that church groups are among the first to mobilize in any disaster situation.  Here they are doing their church thing, as everyone knew they would, for those victims of the tornado ravaged South.  I'm not sure if this is classic 'everyone is in a zoo to the press' stuff, where the reporter is genuinely shocked to see a stereotype broken by reality.   Or if the reporter is well aware of the inherent goodness that exists in religion and is using this lull in a week of super-stories to point out the obvious flaws in history's latest, hippest bigotry.  After all, the modern secular notion of religion, especially of the institutional kind, is just the latest manifestation of the ages old propaganda telling willing hearers that such and such people group is mostly stupid, mostly evil, and the reason there is suffering in the world, and needs eradicated for peace to reign.  Perhaps the good reporter Verna Gates just took this time to derail that little commonly presented spin before something really bad happens as a result.  Who knows?  But it is nice to see what everyone knows. 

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